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Forklifts Reading - CAT Diesel Forklifts will search the UK and Irelands largest forklift dealer network to find the lift trucks that match your requirements.

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Forklifts Reading - CAT Diesel Forklifts - Tips for new diesel lift trucks in and around Berkshire

When trying to find new diesel lift trucks like a Berkshire ensure that you check the wording of warranties. They can differ immensely and you need to be sure exactly what is and isn’t included. For example some warranties allow for another forklift to be provided whilst warranty work is being carried out whereas other warranties only cover the work itself.

Tip – When looking into new diesel lift trucks such as Berkshire be aware that the worldwide network of main dealers can usually source a reliable used machine to suit your requirements.

Whilst looking for new diesel lift trucks like a Berkshire remember that that although older forklift trucks are not always as user friendly as newer models they will usually get the job done just as well.

When you are looking for new diesel lift trucks like a Berkshire you might like to know that one reason for customers shying away from refurbished forklift trucks is a perception of poor reliability in comparison to brand new models. This is not always the case as a well refurbished forklift can give you many years of excellent reliability.

If you are researching new diesel lift trucks like a Berkshire it may be helpful to know that a forklift's chassis usually prohibits it from getting close to the trailer wall but with side shift pallets can be stacked and unloaded against the trailer wall by moving the carriage sideways.

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